How do I specify electricity price rises (and what electricity price rises do you recommend)?

In PVsell you can specify electricity price rises. You can enter electricity increase rate for the first 3 years and a different rate for subsequent years.

How do I specify electricity price rises in PVsell?

You can specify this in the "Electricity Price Annual Increase" pane on the "Bill" page (just above the "Export Electricity" pane). This section allows you to specify optional electricity increase information for savings forecasting.

Rates should be entered as a percentage (per year) increase.

1. Enter the "Electricity Price Increase" value for the first 3 years

This is the percentage rate you want to apply as a price increase each year for the first 3 years after the project.


2. Enter the "Electricity Price Annual Increase" value for the subsequent years

This is the percentage increase in power prices that you want to apply after the initial 3 years.


What electricity price rises should I choose?

We recommend that you choose electricity price increases of no more than 7% in the first three years unless directed to by your customer, and suggest that values of 3% are appropriate. Beyond the first three years, we highly recommend a value of 3% or lower, as otherwise electricity prices spiral beyond belief within 10-15 years.

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