Nearmap Mapping Provider: How do I create an API Key for use in PVsell and add my API Key to PVsell?

1. Generating an API key for use in PVsell

Before you begin please note that there are two components to the Nearmap API Key authentication:

  1. API Applications – allow you to organise your Nearmap integrations into other software(s) and allows you to set various access restrictions for each integration. There are no restrictions to the amount of API application integrations you require. You must be a Nearmap administrator to create and manage API Applications.
  2. Every user of a Nearmap account can create one API Key per API application on the account. Usage accrued by an integration that uses an API Key will be recorded against the account holder that is hosting the API key.

To begin the process:

1.1. Log in to your Nearmap account as a Nearmap administrator

You must first log in to your Nearmap account – as a Nearmap administrator.

If you're not an administrator on your Nearmap account, then you won't be able to proceed. Please ask your Nearmap administrator to perform the actions described in this help article on your behalf.

(Its possible that your Nearmap account admin has already set up an API Application. In that case, skip until step 1.8)

1.2. Once logged in, click on the 'API Access' tab at the top of the screen

If you can’t see the API Access tab, it is possible you don’t have Nearmap admin access.


1.3. Click the 'Create New' button


1.4. Once the Create API Application screen has loaded:

  1. Input 'PVsell' as the Application Name
  2. IP restrictions can be skipped
  3. For the Referrer restrictions you need to input the URL

1.5. Click the 'Save' button

Your API Application should be displayed on the screen. Note that you do not need to create an API key for each user - your API key will serve as a master key for all your PVsell users.

1.6. Click 'My API Keys'


1.7. Choose PVsell from the drop-down list, then click on the 'Create API Key' button


1.8. When the screen reloads, you will see an API Key that is required to be input into PVsell


Note that the Nearmap data usage will accrue to the Nearmap account holder who created the API key. If you're keen to separately track Nearmap usage within the PVsell app, then we suggest you create a dummy PVsell user within your Nearmap account, then log into Nearmap as that user, then create the API key from within that user's account.

1.9. Click the Copy icon to save the API Key


2. Adding your API Key to PVsell

The API Application and creating an API Key are required to be performed from within your existing Nearmap account, as described above in Generating an API key for use in PVsell. Once these steps have been performed you can now apply your API Key to your PVsell account by following these steps.

You'll also need to have account administration privileges within PVsell. If you're a sales manager or salesperson, then you'll need to ask your PVsell account administrator to enter your API key into PVsell, or contact PVsell support.

2.1. Log in to PVsell

Log in to your PVsell account

2.2. Click on your company name in the top-right hand corner of PVsell


2.3. From the drop-down menu select the 'Admin' option


2.4. In the Default Setting section, paste the API Key that you generated under your Nearmap account into the 'Nearmap API Key' field


2.5. Click any 'Save' button

Congratulations, you can now use Nearmap imagery within PVsell that draws upon your own Nearmap account!

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