Can I purchase the Nearmap imagery directly from my Wallet in PVsell?

Yes, you can. Here you will learn how it works. Note that if you have a Nearmap account that you've integrated into PVsell, then you won't be using your wallet, you'll be using your Nearmap data.

If you have a Nearmap account and would prefer to use your Nearmap data within PVsell, refer to this manual on how you can do that:

1. Configure your Wallet in PVsell and top up your Wallet if necessary


2. Open your project's 'Site' tab


3. In the 'Roof Configuration' section of the 'Roof Layout' array definition, click the imagery (HD) icon in the menu

Learn more about the Roof Layout functionality in PVsell: How do I lay panels out on a roof?


4. Click 'Add Nearmap Image'

If you wish to use Nearmap TMS...

Click 'Nearmap TMS' in this menu if you wish to use Nearmap TMS instead of Google Maps or MetroMaps WTMS.

Once again note that API configuration is required in order to be able to use Nearmap TMS for your Roof Layout. You must have a Nearmap account and provide an API key: Nearmap Mapping Provider: How do I create an API Key for use in PVsell and add my API Key to PVsell?

You will be notified in case your API for Nearmap TMS hasn't been configured yet.


5. Move and/or resize bounding box area if necessary

5.1. Move - Hover over the bounding box, hold and drag to move it


5.2. Resize - Hover over the corners of the map area, hold and drag them to resize it


6. Click on the 'Select Survey (zoom level)' drop-down and select a survey date

If Nearmap images have been purchased then there should be a sublist at the very top which lists all the purchased survey dates, the user is free to swap in and out the imagery in this list. If they select a survey from the bottom list that is already in the top list then they should pay again (a warning message will appear)

Note that if you have previously purchased a survey, it will appear at the top of the list.

  • Select from the top of the list of previously purchased surveys if you wish to switch to another survey date without being charged again.
    (If the user purchases a few survey dates, then those dates should be present at the very top. The user is free to swap in and out the imagery in this list, and as they are already purchased the user shouldn't be charged a second time.)
  • If you select any date from the bottom of the list, PVsell will assume you want to get a new survey area for the original date, and you'll be charged again.
    (If a user selects a survey from the bottom list that is already in the top list, then they should pay again. No worries, a warning message will appear.)

7. Click on the plus (+) icon to add Nearmap Image


8. Done! You've successfully purchased the Nearmap high-resolution imagery right from your project's 'Site' tab

As soon as the Nearmap imagery has been added to your Roof Layout, you will see a notification saying: 'Nearmap image purchased. Your wallet has been debited'. The purchased imagery amount will be deducted from your Wallet (see your Balance in the header of your PVsell page).

You can track all your Wallet transactions in PVsell, including the purchased Nearmap imagery. Access all the necessary information about your Transactions by clicking on your company name in the top rightmost corner of any page in PVsell, then selecting 'Wallet' from the drop-down list, then switching from the 'Top Up' to the 'Transactions' tab.


You may wish to move your imagery to align it with the underlying base layer and fixate your image to ensure it remains in the selected position in your Roof Layout:

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